Company of Heroes Tales of Valor

Company of Heroes Tales of Valor 2.602

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is a stand-alone sequel for Company of Heroes
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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is a stand-alone sequel for the award winning real-time strategy game, Company of Heroes.
Campaigns - Tales of Valor contains three campaigns based on historical events from World War II. There are great many stories to be told from the war, and these campaigns each tell a unique and intimate tale that is translated into gripping tactical combat.
Tiger Ace is the first of the three campaigns, telling the story of The Battle of Villers Bocage over the course of three scenarios. The battle takes place in France, 1944, as Allied forces stream ashore from the beaches. A British armored column threatens to break through a gap in the German lines, but a fearsome Tiger Tank commanded by a veteran crew races forward to engage them in the town the battle was named after, Villers Bocage. Take Direct Control of your lone Tiger, invest command points in your tank crew to unlock new abilities, fight to keep your crew alive and your unit from being out flanked! We will be posting more information about the campaign, the history behind it, direct-fire and more here on the community site in the coming weeks.

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